TAST: Herringbone

The first thing I did when Sharon B posted the stitch for the week was to reach for my favourite stitch book, The Stitches of Creative Embroidery by Jacqueline Enthoven, and have a wander through the Herringbone section. Here are some of my Xplorations! 


This is traditional herringbone, stitched using a slippery thread (above).


This is “skinny-bone” herringbone.


This is closed herringbone using a knobby thread. I like the effect of lace. Thread wasn’t great to stitch with but the effect is good.


This is threaded herringbone using a chunky thread interwoven on a thin herringbone base. I liked the way the “s” curve beomes the most striking feature.


This is crisscross herringbone stitched with a nice chunky thread. Covers a lot of ground quickly BUT needs tension to keep it under control (i.e. a hoop!).


Lastly a double inverted herringbone! I liked this one in the vertical orientation. Would look good in two different threads as well I think.

Looking forward to next week’s stitch Xploration.


One Response to “TAST: Herringbone”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I love these samples and the virtual stitches in the post above. The nobbly thread you used with the closed herringbone looks great, too bad it wasn’t good stitching. The double inverted is grand!

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