TAST: Detached Chain

I have to confess that detached chain is not a favourite of mine so I did I little just so I could say “been there did that!”

Detached Chain

So here there are (above)- in two different thicknesses and a variation at the end referred to as Russian detached chain (a group of three in fact!)

However the real reason I didn’t get much done in the past week was that I was at the Embroiderers’ Guild of South Australia’s Summer School. I went along to two wonderful 2-day workshops, one of which was Suzette Rugalo’s “Lady Anne” (pattern can be see at Dollmaker’s Journey) and the other was on Indian embroidery.

Indian Embroidery

And above is the start of my Indian Bag. Lots of chain stitch but no detached chain! The shisha is attached using herringbone stitch which works well with the diamond and herringbone is featured above the reverse applique (big green patch). Lots more work to do as Indian work is just absolutely covered with embroidery.  Have to say that I’ve been enjoying everyone else’s posts (little and big) and am amazed and inspired by it all.  Thinking seriously about signing up for one of Sharon’s classes and the posts about them have helped me to understand what goes on in a “virtual” class.


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