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TAST: Cross Stitch

February 27, 2007

I have to say I love cross stitch. It’s the stitch that got me started so many years ago into this embroidery caper. So much so I have been a staunch defender of her over the years as she became “Miss Universally Popular” which then meant she received lots of criticism. I couldn’t care less if some people CHOOSE never to go beyond this stitch, that is their choice. Embroidery is meant to be FUN!!! Ok, off my soapbox. Here is this week’s offerings..

Cross Stitch

From the top we have: oblong cross stitch, second row is the cross stitch flower, third row is long arm cross stitch, fourth row is double cross stitch and lastly but not least is simple plain cross stitch. Differences from the usual application – rows 3 & 5 are worked over 4 threads. Row 2 & 4 are over 8 threads. Oblong is 4 x 8 threads! The long arm worked up into a great plaid with the ribbon. Got some blurriness again – may have to sit large book on scanner – however its a balance of getting enough pressure and not breaking the glass!!  Happy TAST stitching everyone.


TAST: Fly Stitch

February 25, 2007

Here’s this week’s offering. A sample of fly stitch in different textured threads and different variations.

Fly stitch

Top line is fly in two different threads with the stitch overlapping, then fly interlaced with a chunky thread (creates nice “s” shape), then zigzag fly in ribbon, fly with two ties is the one that looks like mirrord “v”s and lastly plain old fly stitch repeated. The linen gets blurry when the threads are chunky as I couldn’t squash it that well in the scanner. I think a number of these would be good combined in a border with feather and herringbone. I wish Sharon well, hope she’s back in stitching form soon.

TAST: Feather Stitch

February 15, 2007

Feather Stitch hasn’t been a friend of mine in the past but I’ve got on well with it this time around. I think the main problem was trying to get the stitch perfect. This time I haven’t bothered that much about it and the stitch was worked out well. So below you will see from the left: standard feather in chunky thread, closed feather in perle (need a thread that will behave itself to get the shape right), double feather in a knobbly thread, slanted feather in viscose ribbon and long armed feather (or spline stitch) in a slippery thread.

Feather Stitch

Strangely I also though feather stitch was due for an appearance – perhaps we’re all getting TAST ESP!

TAST: Chevron & Eyelet (Algerian or otherwise)

February 8, 2007

I decided to have a go stitching on paper for a change so my excuse for not having the Chevron stitch for last week is that I was waiting for the paint to dry! So here they are:

Chevron Stitch

Above is Chevron stitched on watercolour paper. When I first started stitching on paper I thought “o, no, I can’t see where I’m going” but the secret soon revealed itself – make the holes first! This works really well with the Chevron stitch. I needle punched the holes, positioning the hole by eye, then stitched through them making it very easy. (and no counting!!)


Here is the Italian version of Algerian eyelet (??!!). Its overlapping in two colours. Now I wondered if paper could handle the whole eyelet caper but the trick is to bump up the scale and use a large needle to punch the middle holes. Of course in this case you can’t pull the thread as you can with fabric. These eyelets are 2cm square (just under the inch square). I think this kind of thing – stitching on paper – would be great for gift cards – a bit of colour, a bit of stitching and its done.

Lastly, for the purists out there. A more traditional eyelet worked on linen.


This for all those who, like me, have their heart into stitching. Have a wonderful week.

TAST: Other news

February 5, 2007

Yes, yes I’m working on the old Chevron stitch, got plenty of ideas just need to sit down and stitch it! Just wanted to share my triumph of getting the TAST webring to appear in my sidebar, complete with image. As a blogging novice sometimes the “simple” instructions just miss out on stating the obvious and the hidden. In wordpress if you cut and past some html code whose syntax is wrong it just gets deleted on you. No word to say “hey, check that code there”. The html code hiccuped around the image source bit. (Hiccuped and produced extra /’s and >’s!!) But I have finally got it working (YAY!) And managed to fix my sidebar after losing the login link etc by not realising that if you remove the “meta” part of the sidebar it kills all the admin links. Hope my Xplorations here saves someone else the frustration of this all.