TAST: Other news

Yes, yes I’m working on the old Chevron stitch, got plenty of ideas just need to sit down and stitch it! Just wanted to share my triumph of getting the TAST webring to appear in my sidebar, complete with image. As a blogging novice sometimes the “simple” instructions just miss out on stating the obvious and the hidden. In wordpress if you cut and past some html code whose syntax is wrong it just gets deleted on you. No word to say “hey, check that code there”. The html code hiccuped around the image source bit. (Hiccuped and produced extra /’s and >’s!!) But I have finally got it working (YAY!) And managed to fix my sidebar after losing the login link etc by not realising that if you remove the “meta” part of the sidebar it kills all the admin links. Hope my Xplorations here saves someone else the frustration of this all.


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