TAST: Cross Stitch

I have to say I love cross stitch. It’s the stitch that got me started so many years ago into this embroidery caper. So much so I have been a staunch defender of her over the years as she became “Miss Universally Popular” which then meant she received lots of criticism. I couldn’t care less if some people CHOOSE never to go beyond this stitch, that is their choice. Embroidery is meant to be FUN!!! Ok, off my soapbox. Here is this week’s offerings..

Cross Stitch

From the top we have: oblong cross stitch, second row is the cross stitch flower, third row is long arm cross stitch, fourth row is double cross stitch and lastly but not least is simple plain cross stitch. Differences from the usual application – rows 3 & 5 are worked over 4 threads. Row 2 & 4 are over 8 threads. Oblong is 4 x 8 threads! The long arm worked up into a great plaid with the ribbon. Got some blurriness again – may have to sit large book on scanner – however its a balance of getting enough pressure and not breaking the glass!!  Happy TAST stitching everyone.


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