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Mixed media canvas

March 23, 2007

And now for something completely different…


I treat canvas as simply anther fabric and have couched piping cord down, appliqued angelina fibre and stitched with a bit of herringbone and detached chain. The result is quite sparkly in real life.


PLOS: Week 4

March 23, 2007

Worked on density here and scale. Made three one inch squares and stitched them in a variety of ways.


First square is flystitch in a number of textured threads stitched over each other. Second square is herringbone with a fuzzy chenille laced through – thin thread with thick. Last square is up and down buttonhole overlapped – would have worked better with two different colour threads I think!

Plos: Week 3

March 23, 2007

Here’s a little bit of working with “points” stitched on silk paper.


TAST: Couching

March 23, 2007

Here is a thick wool thread couched down with a perle thread. I twisted the wool around the needle colonial knot style so that gaves it the bobbly look. Thanks to Jenny for showing me this couching method.  I’m now flowing the line with colonial knots in perle and will machine embroider the larger areas after that.


TAST: Up & Down Buttonhole

March 14, 2007

I found this stitch a bit awkward. I like the effect but I couldn’t really get a rhythm going with it. Here is a bit of overlapping up and down buttonhole.

Up and Down Buttonhole

Thanks to Maxine for the gift of threads and beads used in this little xploration!

TAST, PLOS: Week 2 & Grids

March 8, 2007

How’s this for multi-tasking a piece. Firstly those of you doing the TAST challenge shall note that the curved lines in pink thread in the image are barred chain. For those doing the Personal Library of Stitches (PLOS) class note the linear nature of the design – curved lines. And lastly Grids – I’m working with a group on grids so this is all set to a grid of plastic mesh! Phew… I think I’ve covered everyone!


Ok, yes – linear is week 3 of PLOS and I have skipped week 2 but hey – that ATC sized piece is coming! The blue lines in the piece are either coarl knot, french knot or a simple straight stitch. I plan on mounting the piece on a background of electric blue to further play with the contrasts.

PLOS: Week 1

March 8, 2007

Week 1 of Sharon B’s Personal Library of stitches. Yes I know we’re up to week 3 but I’m getting there! Here are a number of explorations using a range of blue threads on 25 count Lugano linen.

Week 1

It was interesting when changes were made where the darkest colour went in the Guilloche Stitch (compare line 1 to line 3, starting from left side).  The double feather (line 2) looks like fishes (if you turn your head on the side!). In all a fun piece which came together well. This is postcard size as its about all I can mange at the moment. I think week 2 will be ATC size!