TAST, PLOS: Week 2 & Grids

How’s this for multi-tasking a piece. Firstly those of you doing the TAST challenge shall note that the curved lines in pink thread in the image are barred chain. For those doing the Personal Library of Stitches (PLOS) class note the linear nature of the design – curved lines. And lastly Grids – I’m working with a group on grids so this is all set to a grid of plastic mesh! Phew… I think I’ve covered everyone!


Ok, yes – linear is week 3 of PLOS and I have skipped week 2 but hey – that ATC sized piece is coming! The blue lines in the piece are either coarl knot, french knot or a simple straight stitch. I plan on mounting the piece on a background of electric blue to further play with the contrasts.


2 Responses to “TAST, PLOS: Week 2 & Grids”

  1. Corina Says:

    I just made a nice flower arrangement using the same material! I could not imagine somebody had enough patience to stitch on this material! The result is impressive!

  2. susaneta Says:

    It was a bit tricky as the thread kept getting caught on the mesh. I’ve still got a bit left so I might try something that’s not so flat. Thanks for the comment.

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