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TAST: Crossed Buttonhole, Basque Stitch and Butterfly Chain!

May 25, 2007

Yes, still working away in the background.  Firstly we have part of my encrusted postcard that is gradually filling with each new stitch.crossed butterfly

Crossed Buttonhole along the bottom edge with a circular Basque stitch. Woven wheels in there too! Starting to bead the piece. Beading just adds so much to a work.

butterfly buttonhole

A bit of butterfly chain around a fabric postcard. Waiting for something to appear in the middle (or maybe not).


Melbourne Museum: Top Designs

May 1, 2007

While away during the school holidays I went to the Melbourne Museum’s Top Designs Exhibition (Top Designs) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only great design to gaze at but the backup work by the students to look through as well. Genna Kulesza’s dress deserves all the attention it is getting. If you can make it into the Museum I really recommend having a look at this exhibition.

TAST – Oyster, Palestrina and Running

May 1, 2007

Been busy with school holidays so have been slowly adding to this piece. Beds of oyster stitch are surrounded by lines of palestrina stitch with running stitch interlaced around the outside. Will keep adding to it to make it even more textural as we do different stitches.

Mixed stitches

I’ve also used running stitch in some Indian Embroidery. Here is running stitch interlaced. The running stitch is spaced to get a lacy pattern.


This is known as Kantha work in Indian Embroidery. Have also worked running stitch Japanese style (known as Kogin) and of course the old English pattern darning version. I love how verstile running stitch is and how easy it is to do.