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Nuno Felting Fun

July 26, 2007

Been doing a bit more Nuno felting. This time I felted silk loom ends that I stock (Nuno Details). These create the most fantastic surfaces for stitch. Check this out below.

Nuno Felt

Instead of the silk becoming the back as in traditional Nuno, by using silk loom ends the back is the front of the piece. The zari threads add a touch of opulence and sparkle so this piece really catches the light. Nuno felt is made like usual felt but with silk as part of the base. It’s great to stitch on (see my Kantha piece) and a delight to touch.

The back of the piece has wool on it as per usual.

Nuno felt back

But is nothing compared to the glory of the silk side!


Contemporary Kantha

July 10, 2007

Here is a little contemporary Kantha (pronounced kan-ta) work. Instead of slavishly trying to get all the running stitching even you let them wander a bit. Its also worked around on a diamond shape. This piece is stitched on Nuno felt which I have to say is beautiful to stitch on. I made the felt with a friend and having never done a wet felt project before this has worked out really well.


This is a centre to a book pouch designed by Barbara Mullan, a diva of  Indian Embroidery. She looks at the works of Indian embroiderers for inspiration rather than to copy. This centre square is surrounded by other elements but as yet I’ve only stitched a small part of it.