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Exhibition Sample

August 27, 2007

Here is a little sample from one of my pieces that I’m working on for my next exhibition. Felt, silk paper, organza stitched together. The exhibition piece has images printed on the organza.


The other day I though I had worked out the centering of images thing and then…it didn’t work. O’well, one day it will happen.


August Happenings…

August 26, 2007

I once read that it was “more fun to be part of a revolution than to write about” as a reason why so little was being written about a particular topic. Well I have to agree. Its more fun stitching and playing with textiles than recording one’s every move!! Here is what has been happening in August: Continued with the Nuno felting using silk chiffon as a base – beautiful soft textile as a result.

Have been playing with dye-na-flow and salt and getting some interesting effects. The thing I like most about painting cloth with dye-na-flow is that I can fix it simply by ironing. I lot easier than the whole dyeing saga (urea, soda ash, soak, dye, cure..) and I don’t need to steam set if I use it on silk (read have steamer going for 2 hours). Some results below:


Having fun folding fabric again with my group at the Embroiderers’ Guild of South Australia . We choose to play with a different technique or method each month just to see what happens. Next month is our big felting night so its going to be busy. We meet the third Tuesday night of the month and visitors are welcome so if you live in South Australia and are interested just contact the Guild.


I attached this little windwill to a hair band soIcan use on my hair – its about 5cm across. Its sitting on some fabric I painted and again left salt on. I have to say to get any reaction you need to leave the salt on over night to get the full effect – don’t expect instant action here.

Playing also with stitching in the round – got lots of ideas about stitching medallions on silk with silk and also incorporating it into one of my exhibition pieces. Speaking of which I have finally finished 1 piece! I have to get three pieces of work together for it and of course the first piece I decide to do a trilogy!! (Why can’t I keep things simple! (LOL)). A couple of circles below:


If you can see that tiny bit of pink stitching then that’s my attempt at scroll stitch for TAST. The stitch didn’t exactly excite so I just left it. I think it might be better on counted or with a different thread. Suffice to say we didn’t hit it off so I won’t be scrolling any time soon.

 Business wise its been busy getting out and about seeing people but also a lot of behind the scenes work. I expect a lot of people don’t realise how much work goes into the creation of kits, design or even a website!! I’m looking forward to September when I’m off to the Geelong Fibre Forum in Victoria , Australia.  Doing a workshop with Jascinta Leishman and also trading at the end of the week. Which mean I’m going to need a week off when I get home. Can’t wait – going to be lots of fun.