Take It Further – Development

Mulled over what the work of Valerie Campbell-Harding really means to me. It is the pushing of boundaries that I really admire. I have been needlefelting for a while now, doing the usual stuff like:

Typical needlefelt

 but not really challenging what is possible so I decided to needlefelt onto dissolvable film with silk in various forms – tops, paper and rods. Resulting in:


The next stage is the stitching. Val’s stitching was always intense, creating the most amazing stitched pieces. So the next stage is to stitch this. So I had a practice on the film to remind myself what to do and check how the film dissoved. Here’s a little grid:


The more dense areas were still quite stiff after dissolving the film for 20 minutes however this gave the grid a firm handle.

Next decision is whether to use thread that stands out (“look at me”) or thread that disappears into the colour of the silk. I’m leaning towards the latter at this stage as the density of the stitching should give the effect of movement across the piece. Hmm…let go of the perfectionist genie – time to take it further! If I don’t like it I can always chop it up!


One Response to “Take It Further – Development”

  1. Lynda Monk Says:

    Ooh I love that last phrase – a typical VCH statement

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