Take it Further – Or backwards!

Its dangerous to let one’s textile buddies in on what one is doing! I showed the piece I had needfelted the other day to my textile friends and they all said – dissolve it now! They wanted to see if the fibres would hange together despite the lack of overlapping material (i.e. most fibres going in the same direction).  So I duly dissolved it. I must admit I wondered what would happen too, the worst being that I could be left with a pile of silk fibres.

I am happy to report that the piece hung together! Amazing really considering how some parts barely have any fibres at all.

dissolved fabric

Here it is on its drying mat. I also took the opportunity to think about what part of it I would actually use by using two right angle pieces of card to block out sections. Some areas are really thin as shown in this next image where I placed one of the pieces of card underneath the piece.

fabric back

This is a picture of the back, the white areas show where the piece is really thin. I like the fragile nature of this however to stitch any further guess what I need to do? That’s right I need a stabilizer again. I wonder how its going to go getting wet twice! As I work through this piece I realise that I like to think with thread and fabric rather than pencil and paper. This means that the piece may help me resolve what I want to do, but may not be what I ultimately choose to do. Working small helps me get over the “precious”ness of using up material to work this way.

Now…stitching…off to check out Val C-H’s Stitch Techniques book to get some inspiration.

On another line of thought – am I the only one who goes back to edit one’s blog to correct typos? Should I be bothering?! I always spot one 5 secs after I’ve posted…


7 Responses to “Take it Further – Or backwards!”

  1. Lynda Monk Says:

    The area you have masked off looks really good.I am sure it will be fine even with a second wetting 🙂
    And not only do I sometimes go back to correct spellings but also to put pictures in their rightful place – even though I have read through a number of times before pressing ‘publish’ *LOL*

  2. coral-seas Says:

    My spelling is really bad, so first I type my posts into Word. Then I read through it a couple of times before I cut and paste into my blog editor. Then I preview it and read through a couple more times before posting. Then I spot a typo, missing comma or some other error, so go back and correct it.

    The other day, when looking back at an old post to check for some info, I spotted a spelling mistake. Of course, I had to edit the post 🙂

    I look forward to seeing how this develops.


  3. Doreen Grey Says:

    A lovely choice of colours and I look forward to how it develops.
    And I always go back and check mistakes even days after if I have missed it before.

  4. Susan Says:

    Thanks for the comments. It’s good to hear I’m not the only one editing for typos 🙂 . At this point I’m a bit nervous about the stitching part as I’m getting too overly attached to a “great” outcome. Deep breath…time to go for it!

  5. Embellisher Says:

    Hi, that blend of colours looks spectacular, its complete as it is – if you ask me, waiting to see the piece complete

  6. Meg Says:

    I always go back and correct my blog, its a sickness I guess! I like your thought of working small and not wasting the preciousness of what you are using. I’ve never really looked at it that way, but its so true.

  7. Susan Says:

    Thanks Meg,
    I think working small is the answer. Too often my ideas expand to heroic size but then fall short as in execution as I move on to other ideas that I want to try. There is just so much good stuff to play with and explore. I often think I should dive into ONE area a bit deeper but I haven’t found that ONE area yet!

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