Not TIF but other things…

In line with my promise to blog at least once a week I decided this week to post what else I’ve been up to this month. Starting with a bit of discharge dyeing…


Lots of fun but very smelly! Next time I will be using sodium metabisufite instead of vinegar. Also I recommend checking your equipment BEFORE starting! I had a syringe that was sticky and so the bleach splodged instead of flowed and a spray bottle that just wouldn’t..well you know..spray!! It is really amazing how different each fabric reacts to bleach. In some cases nothing happened at all, in others the most wonderful colour resulted. I now have a thickening agent to make bleach paste so that’s the next development for discharge dyeing – stamping and stenciling with the thicker bleach. Results using the Clorox bleach pen were mixed as sometimes it would flow and other times it splodged but I think that might also be practice.

Otherwise I’ve been painting lutradur…

lutradur painted

Its the 30gsm version so I can do a bit of layering with it. Next is to rag roll a bit of metallic paint over them and then hit it all with a soldering iron to see what happens. Also want to bit of stitching over it. Who knows it may end up in next month’s challenge!

On another topic has anyone done/doing the Opus School of Textile course “Exploring Embroidery”? Its an online/distance course and I was wondering what people thought about it. Its a bit of an investment so if anyone is or has tried a module I’ll be really interested in your opinion.

That’s it for this week. Looking forward to finding out the next challenge from Sharon B on Friday.


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