TIF February

What am I old enough to remember? Trying to carefully put the stylus needle on the third song on a vinyl record. (The only way to “fast forward” to your favourite song). A very tricky procedure because if you dropped the needle you would stuff up the entire record!

So thoughts turned to those table tops people were making at one stage with broken records. I did a bit of a sketch…


The part with all the wavy lines is the idea. I’m thinking of using the lines to pick up on the motion of the record as it used to wizz around at 33rpm or 45rpm if you have forgot to change the setting for albums! The centres are to be brightly coloured reminiscent of the record labels. Thinking black thread for the “vinyl” part but not sure if that would end up too dead in colour.

Onto a bit of a trial on fabric…


YUK!! Puckered too much, lines not really picking up on the energy that I want to represent. Needs re-thinking! I’m torn between creating something sequin-like for the “records” or doing it all with stitch. More play needed. I still like the original concept – I just need to find the right medium in which to create the piece. Hmmm… stay tuned!


2 Responses to “TIF February”

  1. Linda Frear Says:

    Remember those great big cabinets that the phonograph player was in?

    I like your drawing, it has great energy. What about using fabric instead of thread for your records?

  2. susaneta Says:

    Thanks for the comment Linda – see how it helped in my next post!

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