TIF – Feb Finale

final feb challenge

This is it! After much deliberation I stitched a few of the “records” to emphasise the piece like so:


And then cannibalized two cheap frames to sandwich the piece between two pieces of glass. The frame is deep enough so that it can sit upright without aid. Its hard to see in the images put you can catch the see-through element better in real life. The angelina fibre really sparkles too. I think this image catches the see through quality a bit better…


Wondering if it would be better in a black frame but I’ll leave it for now. Could always paint the frame at a later date!


10 Responses to “TIF – Feb Finale”

  1. Annica Says:

    Great piece!
    I love the stitching and how the records overlap!

  2. Linda Frear Says:

    Your piece turned out wonderfully. Great idea to put it in a frame like that.

  3. Meg in Albuquerque Says:

    this really turned out well, I’ve been watching as you’ve posted this month and its been an interesting journey to watch.

  4. Susaneta Says:

    Thanks for everyone’s comments. What I love about this challenge is how it takes one off into very different directions.

  5. Kay Says:

    A great piece–it stands alone w/o anyone knowing the idea behind it, which is good. But knowing about the memory makes it better. It’s true how stressful finding the right spot always was.

  6. Sue in western WA Says:

    Congratulate yourself; this turned out very well!

  7. susaneta Says:

    Thanks for the kind comment Sue. I’m looking forward to the next one!

  8. Julia Berkley Says:

    Very cool. Including the semi-translucency. Thanks for sharing this with us. You might be right about the frame… Not necessarily black, but something darker or neutral. I think the off-white might take away the impact of the high contrast image… But that’s just an opinion based on a photo on a blog as I see it on my particular monitor, etc… You’ll definitely be the best judge on it! Best to you,

  9. Jacqui Says:

    You could always paint the frame gold to match the theme or silver for platinum.

    Great idea bye the way and good design.

  10. Susaneta Says:

    Thanks for the comments. I think the frame debate will rage for a while. In the meantime I’m busy with the next TIF piece! I think I’ll leave all the frames white then at the end decide if I’ll change any. That way at least there will be one unifing element for all the work.

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