Feb Textile Wanderings

Wow – February is almost gone and along with it Summer. Not that its raining at all where I live – the driest state in the driest continent.  As the Feb Take it Further Challenge is over for this month here is what else I’ve been up to.

dyed silk

A bit of dyeing! Silk tops here in very bright colours. Lots of fun. Now I’ve purchased some cocoons and rods for my shop I’ll be dyeing those too soon.


 Painted, heat gunned Lutradur with a bit of Angelina under. Had lots of fun  mark making with the soldering iron too. Painting and stamping gold onto the sheets was fun and I love the colour.

painted lutradur

For the last few days I’ve been in Melbourne exploring the sites and textile delights of that city. The Quilt Convention was on so dropped in for that. Only had a quick look as my daughter was going ape as we had got into Melbourne at 12am that morning (thanks tiger!). I’ve decided that trips involving the other half and small children should only be taken on rare occasions. I don’t know how others find travelling with disinterested partners and energetic young ones but things looked up when we dropped into the Children’s garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens.


Took lots of pictures here for texture and inspiration. I can also recommend Scienceworks as an excellent place to take the kids- lots to see, do, play and touch.

Back home now and recovering! Especially after said daughter got the tummy bugs the night we flew home. That’s life 🙂


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