TIF – March Musings…

So this month’s challenge is the little things, the small moments. Had to think a bit about just what this meant and this is what I came up with… 

Often we view a landscape but dont’ take in the detail. I was sitting waiting one day. To pass time I was doing a journalling exercise where you write down just what you see. The idea is to get you to really look at a place, to look for the unusal and out of place. Then my eye caught it. A drinking glass sitting on top of a permapine post in the carpark. The carpark was by a park with a children’s playground alongside. What was the glass doing there? What was its story? It wasn’t a pastic cup but a GLASS one. Who takes glass to a park???

This month’s piece I’m going to try to make a work that on first glance doesn’t reveal itself. Its only when you stop and take a closer look that it reveals its secrets. How? Don’t know yet! Too ambitious? Maybe, but then its meant to be a challenge!

On another topic, sometimes when I’ve commented on others work or people have commented on mine they have emailed. What is the etiquette here? Does one email back or comment on the appropriate blog? I’m never quite sure what people are expecting!


4 Responses to “TIF – March Musings…”

  1. Deb Says:

    Very interesting take on the concept. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. spiralsun65 Says:

    Ah, I’m delighted to have found your excellent blog. Interesting exercise about looking at a scene – I’m going to try that soon! Also the etiquette thing – no, I never know about that either. I’m rather socially inept and horribly introverted, and I have no idea what normal people do. Perhaps you could let me know when you find out 🙂

  3. Susaneta Says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I’m also wondering how this will turn out!

  4. Lynda Says:

    I’m never sure about the etiquette either. It seems inadequate to just reply with ‘thank you for your comments on my blog’. I think its just accepted now that some people reply and some don’t and nobody thinks the worse of you whichever way you go. 🙂

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