March TIF – Update 2

We are now up to 11 days over 35 degC (which means about 110F approx!). Most of the time its been 39-40 deg.C and I’ve succumbed to the gastro bug. But I did get a bit of stitching in before the gastro hit. Here is the beginning…


And lastly the red was placed over the top part…


You can also see that I’ve started stitching as well (left side). That’ll be next week’s update. My usual Sunday monthly market has been cancelled because of the heat so I may get an extra bit of stitching done then. I think the reds and blues are blending well together. I did have some burgundy with the red but it stood out too much so it got scrapped. I haven’t had a chance to swing by any other blogs as yet so I’m keen to get onto that as soon as I’m over this gastro thing. Thanks to everyone who has commented on my blogs so far, its really great to know someone’s looking at all this! 🙂


2 Responses to “March TIF – Update 2”

  1. Debbi Baker Says:

    This is looking really intriguing! Hope you are getting better and are up to lots of Easter creating!!

  2. Susaneta Says:

    Thanks Debbi. I did recover and did a bit of felting over Easter. The heat has finally gone and we’re back to normal temperatures (thank goodness!!!).

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