Tif – March Finale

Here it is…


The various red and blue merge to form an overall impression of the colours while the different strips bring a bit of life to the composition. On looking closer at the detail you discover..


Beads hiding in the red.This worked a bit better than the blue which I think stood out a bit.

beads in blue

The beads in the chain stitch require closer inspection. And by you would have noticed the shape to the left. The flash unfortunately picks it out more than it appears in natural daylight. What is that shape about? Its about me. Its my stylised shadow as I’m always in every piece of work that I do even if it doesn’t appear so. Its my selections, my decisions, even as deep as my cultural background that comes out in every piece I create.  So this has been my introspection into detail, the closer you look at a piece the more it reveals.  I know what the red and blue means to me…I wonder what it means to you?


10 Responses to “Tif – March Finale”

  1. debkolar Says:

    Really love the texture of this piece with the strips of fabric, handstitches and beads.

  2. Linda Frear Says:

    Nice piece. I like the contrast between the red and the blue and all your detail work is fabulous.

  3. Annie Says:

    I love this piece. it reminds me of a wave at sunset.. the details are fantastic.

  4. Meg in Albuquerque Says:

    I like your piece this month, and I like the detail pictures to really show what you did. Just looking at the first picture, I never would have been able to pick out the red beads and the fact that the spiral wasn’t part of the blue fabric. Great job! What a great idea to put yourself in every quilt, wish I thought of that

  5. angelines Says:

    A good work, I’d like what the theme inspiration you. Sorry for my bad English. Regards from Spain

  6. susaneta Says:

    Thanks for all the comments, especially from Angelines (it can be so nerve wracking chatting in another language). I’m going to try to pop around to a few people’s sites as I’ve caught up in the whole Ballarat Forum thing I haven’t stopped for 3 weeks now. I know it can sound a bit lame sometimes saying thanks for comments but truly I, and I know others, really appreciate it when people comment because then we know someone is actually looking at our stuff! So if you’re lurking and haven’t commented on anyone’s blog yet- please do – they will love it.

  7. spiralsun65 Says:

    Love this piece – the colours and texture work so well together. My blue and red piece is nowhere near finished….

  8. Debbi Baker Says:

    I’m just catching up!! The end result is just gorgeous – I love all the details, just wish I could enlarge all your photos!!

  9. win. willcox Says:

    thanks for yr wonderful work & website love all the work ….win willcox townsville nth q

  10. susaneta Says:

    That’s lovely Win – thanks for leaving a comment – nice to know people are looking!

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