Ballarat Fibres

Ballarat Fibre Forum was really hectic for me. May have something to do with trading from 7.30am in the morning and between classes. Had a lot of fun over the week and thought I’ll share a few pictures of what happened. Here is some of the artwork going on around the campus as we all went about our business:





Flowers in the courtyard – all crochet on sticks. Very pretty.





Some student’s work – floating in the trees at the end of the week. Caught one artist with her fish but forgot to get her name!

What did I do? I did Carol Cypher’s hand felted jewellery all week and we had a ball. Here is Carol (on right)and me:





and what I got up to during the week:

Hand felted jewellery is a bit more work than I expected but we had a lot of fun making it. There were a couple of stressful moments getting the technique right but Carol was excellent at coming to the rescue. If you’re thinking about making hand felted jewellery than having a class with Carol is an excellent way to go.

On other classes, I have to say the felt hat class with Judit Pocs was stunning and I’ve watched her DVD 3 times since getting home. If you have a chance and are into hats & felt then you MUST do her class.

Had a chance to chat to Jan Beany  and she was very nice to meet. The end disply of all the work was inspirational as usual. Its amazing the standard of work out there. So many talented people.

Still recovering so will post my latest TIF Challenge piece later in the month.


3 Responses to “Ballarat Fibres”

  1. spiralsun65 Says:

    The felting looks like fun! I love those crocheted flowers on sticks too.

  2. susaneta Says:

    The flowers were great and they kept popping up in different locations all week.

  3. crazyqstitcher Says:

    I saw Judit’s video at my DD Catherine’s home. It was fabulous and I could watch it over and over. Catherine did the class with Judit and loved it.


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