Back in Action

Finally settled down in Brisbane only to have to move again in about 4 weeks! Busy year this one. Currently working out my trip to the UK in October. Image above is of my artist trading cards I made during my workshops in July. Thanks to all that came. It was sad leaving everyone in South Australia that I know. I’m hoping to find a new group of textile friends in Queensland.

Back news: or things I should have posted ages ago. The frames I used for the Take it Further challenge were from a certain swedish furniture company. This made it easy to keep to the same size which was 16cms square. I used to live around the corner from their store so it was very convenient just to go there and pick up one when I needed it. Now I live 35kms from the nearest one. Bummer… going to have to stock up on next water bag trip to it.

Otherwise I’m just playing at present. Trying to get back into creative mode after 3 months of domestic chaos. My latest exhibition is on at Pepper Street Gallery in SA so pop in by Friday to see it. Its called Six Over One and is put on by the Decifemme group which I’m part of.

This work is called Water over Wood and is just one of the pieces on display. A real mixture of textile related works. One work (not mine) even has a deceased spider in it!! But then I’m not that into some found objects!! I’m looking forward to our next exhibition next year but won’t start work on that til the new year. By then I should have recovered from one of the busiest years I’ve had yet.


2 Responses to “Back in Action”

  1. Ken Says:

    You need the Qld branch of ATASDA. Go to the ATASDA site, where there is a Qld page/section. They’re a lively, active group. Have fun.

  2. susaneta Says:

    Thanks Ken,
    I am a member but as yet haven’t ventured over for a meeting. Hope to get to the December one. Too much moving!! Good to hear they’re a fun bunch. Its always a bit nerve wracking going to a new group.
    Thanks for the advice!

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