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Pause… take a breathe and think!

September 14, 2008

The start of a new work…Hmm. Time to pause and think about where its going to go! Decided to post early this week as moving mid-week and expect to be totally stuffed by this time next week. However I will finally be shifted into my own place. Yay! The cloth is painted with dye-na-flow, my new favourite paint as it acts like a dye but I don’t have to go through all the carry on that actual dyeing needs. Just don’t have the time or patience at present.

Here is a little nuno felting a did way back for a demonstration. I then turned it into a doll dress without using a pattern or cutting the fabric. Its very flower like – almost Iris so I think I may (eventually) do a head for the doll in that theme. I’ve only had the bidy lying around for two years so that at least gives me another 2 years to consider the head!


TIF – Lists

September 9, 2008

 This is my take on Sharon B’s Take it Further Challenge for September: lists! Essentially lists stitch my life together. Lists for shopping, to do, how to tackle the “doing” part of creating a work. Particularly in relation to creative work, it’s a way of breaking down a huge task into tiny baby steps so that it doesn’t set off alarm bells or the internal critic (who never thinks you’re going to finish anything!).

This detail shows the stitched paper over gold. I like the idea of working with paper, stitch and fabric so may develop this idea further. The stitch I used is Knotted Insertion stitch (also known as knotted cretan – every stitch has an alias it seems!!).  I needed the gold to make the gap between the two pieces of paper stand out.

Looking forward to October’s Challenge – even though I will be in the UK for most of October. Has anyone been to one of those Knitting & Stitches shows? I’m looking at going to the Alexandra Palace one and wondered if there are any tips i.e. get there early (or late?), whatever!


September 3, 2008

Sharon’s theme for August was balance so these two pieces look at that theme. The red necklace is about when all things are in balance, there is a kind of symmetry to life. The blue necklace is about when we choose to not be in balance, to shift and give something in our lives more of our time and energy. I created these two simple pieces based on a project in the magazine “Classic Stitches” in order to get my creative mojo going again. The red one is the shape the magazine provided while the blue is mine. Its good sometimes to just play and enjoy the process without having to always be the designer.