TIF – Lists

 This is my take on Sharon B’s Take it Further Challenge for September: lists! Essentially lists stitch my life together. Lists for shopping, to do, how to tackle the “doing” part of creating a work. Particularly in relation to creative work, it’s a way of breaking down a huge task into tiny baby steps so that it doesn’t set off alarm bells or the internal critic (who never thinks you’re going to finish anything!).

This detail shows the stitched paper over gold. I like the idea of working with paper, stitch and fabric so may develop this idea further. The stitch I used is Knotted Insertion stitch (also known as knotted cretan – every stitch has an alias it seems!!).  I needed the gold to make the gap between the two pieces of paper stand out.

Looking forward to October’s Challenge – even though I will be in the UK for most of October. Has anyone been to one of those Knitting & Stitches shows? I’m looking at going to the Alexandra Palace one and wondered if there are any tips i.e. get there early (or late?), whatever!


2 Responses to “TIF – Lists”

  1. Michele Says:

    Ooops – I pressed the Entre key by mistake so I don’t know if my previous comment went through. Take time at Alli Palli (our nickname for the K&S show at Alexandra Palace) to look at the exhibitions, take time to talk to the exhibitors, and stock up on your stash. Hope you have a lovely day (or two)

  2. Sarah E. Says:

    This is cool!

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