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October 2, 2008

Workspaces are really important. Long ago I stopped packing away my sewing machine so that I could just sit down at it wheneve I wanted and sew. Now I have a whole room (studio please!!) to myself and my work. Its separated into areas for sewing, painting, blogging (i.e. working on the computer) which allows me to move from space to space without having to waste time tidying up! I will share some pictures at the end of the month as I always feel really TIDY studios are very suspicious…how can anyone be creative without making a mess? and what’s wrong with sharing images of the studio in action? The only time I clear the decks is at the end of a project. Then its a nice way of getting closure.

Last blog for a little while as I’m off to the UK for this month. Really excited about getting to see Ally Pally and the rest. Not looking forward to the 24 hours it takes to get there. Thanks to everyone who comments on my blog – its really nice to know that someone is looking. If I get a chance to update while away I will.