November TIF – Design with Typography

Well been working away on this one so I might as well post it. I created a design using the initial “s” as its my favourite letter and ended up with a base design of:

Letter S design

Letter S design

The added a bit of colour. I must say though I love the way the “save to web” function bleeds out the colour of one’s work…


Imagine a very dusty purple in light and dark. I liked this little number so decided to print it onto fabric. THEN the printer miss printed leaving at least a couple of inches not printed (note: remove all other paper from the printer to prevent misfeed). Thus what to do now? Well I was going to get away from my usual square design space but as it misprinted, I then selected an area to paint, quilt and bead and the result is:

The final product

The final product

So the final design as shown above retreated form the light purple and became mostly black. A little detail of what was stitched shows the work a little better…



So that is my TIF design for November. Now I just have to catch up on all the rest!!

Past News: Ally pally was GREAT. If you’re never been to the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace, UK then its a must. It was very easy to get to, buses from the underground line straight there. I got there right on 10am, walked up and got tickets and had a good look round. Wasn’t too busy to start with but even when the crowds did arrive its wasn’t too bad to get around. I went on the Thursday so don’t know if Saturdays are worse.


3 Responses to “November TIF – Design with Typography”

  1. Magpie Sue Says:

    Well I think this turned out great, mishaps or not! I also like the letter S a lot but my TIF turned out to use the letter L instead!

  2. lee Says:

    I really like the way yours came out! S is such a beautiful letter.

  3. susaneta Says:

    Thanks for your comments Lee. Been off playing with fibre and fabric as my January post shows!!

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