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To Project or not to Project?

February 23, 2009

Hmmm… recently I saw a great little project in a Quilting Arts mag and thought  “hey that would be fun” so off and I went and had a play. BUT…was I committing some sin here? All of a sudden I was getting comments like “I don’t do projects out of books?” Why not ? thought I – sometime it can be fun to enjoy someone else’s published ideas. Is there a point at which one has to swear off all projects but their own? I think of published projects as a bit of a holiday – some fun and I don’t have to do the thinking for once. Hmm..perhaps I’ll just have to hide my guilty secret in future… that every now and then its fun to have a go at someone else’s published ideas! Here’s a little picture of what I was up to…

A little stitch grafitti
A little stitch graffiti

But I can’t show you too much…its a project!


Textile Art Assistant

February 23, 2009

Hi, my name is Mollie. I like pink sarongs and red paintstiks. I fossick around the studio while my owner is playing with her stash or just typing on the computer. My other favourite thing is to check out the bins to see of there is anything I feel like recycling for my own purposes – like having a good chew!



Also I’m a fan of the great outdoors – so much to inspire one’s work, especially the digging of very small holes.

February Swapbook

February 9, 2009
Title Page of my Little Swapbook

Title Page of my Little Swapbook

My friend Barbara invited me to a little book collage. She’s sent me the blank accordian book and now each month we have to embellish a page according to the theme of the person’s book. My Theme is “Texture” so the front is covered with a piece of sari ribbon nuno felt with an added brooch of pleated silk. Thanks to another friend, Cynthia, for the brooch. It just sat perfectly with the scrunched up silk ribbon.

Been hot in Brissie of late but no where near as bad as down in Adelaide or in Victoria. My heart goes out to all those who have lost family in the awful bushfires and to those who lost their homes too.