To Project or not to Project?

Hmmm… recently I saw a great little project in a Quilting Arts mag and thought  “hey that would be fun” so off and I went and had a play. BUT…was I committing some sin here? All of a sudden I was getting comments like “I don’t do projects out of books?” Why not ? thought I – sometime it can be fun to enjoy someone else’s published ideas. Is there a point at which one has to swear off all projects but their own? I think of published projects as a bit of a holiday – some fun and I don’t have to do the thinking for once. Hmm..perhaps I’ll just have to hide my guilty secret in future… that every now and then its fun to have a go at someone else’s published ideas! Here’s a little picture of what I was up to…

A little stitch grafitti
A little stitch graffiti

But I can’t show you too much…its a project!


2 Responses to “To Project or not to Project?”

  1. Sue Duffy Says:

    looks great Susan – and I saw the whole project! and of course it is all right to do them out of books and mags…. that’s why they publish them! I hope people do make them, I had one published once! and I like to think there was at least one person out there who liked it enough to make it up! otherwise my work getting it ready for publication was pretty wasted….. keep it up….! I agree it is good to make something you haven’t had to devise yourself…. much quicker!!! and why not if it appeals. I have made quite a few things from other peoples patterns – whether books or mags or block of the month…

  2. susaneta Says:

    That’s a good point Sue – imagine doing all that work to publish a design/idea and then no one has a go at it! I’m now up to stitching all around the pink heart. The piece is about A4 size so is keeping me quiet at night when I just want to wind down. I have to say I LOVE varigated threads – no changing thread to get a different colour (I did say this was my project for relaxing with!).

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