What doesn’t work!

Or rather when good ideas go splat! Often when looking around at people’s blogs you would thnk that the world was always rosy when creating artwork BUT I have to say its not. So just to show that some days things just don’t go where you would like them too, here are a few recent ideas that fell over!

Stalled Idea 1: Inkjet printing and felting
I printed out an image I had created on silk chiffon and then had a go at a bit of nuno felting to see if I could incorporate it into a larger piece. Thus:

Nuno Felted Print

Nuno Felted Print

The actual felting part went fine but I chose the wrong colour (red bit) for part of it. I had wanted to create a long tail to the piece that would be curved around a wire form but the colour was wrong and the felt didn’t want to curl! May be able to do something with this if I cut off the tail. I was also a little heavy handed on the amount of wool – could have used at least 1/3 less.

Stalled Idea 2: Bookcover or not
I needlefelted a piece to create a fabric I was going to use for a cover to a diary. The needlefelting went well, hand felt first to place then machined over to really make sure it was felted. I machine embroidered some organza to it – still going on track. Then I added a machine lace border to the edges…starting to stray, edge ended up a bit tighter than I wanted. Moved to making the background fabric which I was going to stitch it too, that went well. Put the two pieces together and… they didn’t FIT. ARRRAGH!!! Then thought the needlefelted cover was really a bit soft for book cover and Mrs Doubt really moved in and canned the whole idea. So I am left with…

Needlefelted piece

Needlefelted piece

Its pretty but its going nowhere at the moment. I think I’ll just shiva stik the background fabric and use that for the cover.

Stalled Idea 3: What was I thinking here?
I think the problem with this one is that I wasn’t thinking!!! Just sort of plodding along and doing without really considering direction which means I have this….

Mixed Mystery

Mixed Mystery

Paint, thread, plastic dollies etc all thrown together. To make matters worse as I was stitching the thread on the machine went nuts and ended up in big clumps behind the dollies (maybe it didn’t like the plastic). So its another piece that one way will be either chopped or chucked.

All this could make you end up seeing red…

"RED" postcard

"RED" postcard

But then you get up the next morning, toss the less than desired textile to the side, smile and start again!


2 Responses to “What doesn’t work!”

  1. JudyG Says:

    Great post Susan. Makes one feel better about trying new things rather than sticking to the familiar and safe!

  2. susaneta Says:

    You’ve got to play Judy otherwise we end up doing the same thing all the time. The bummer is that sometimes its a closet piece (i.e. chuck it in the closet!)

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