Transfer Painting

Had a bit of fun transfer painting the other day. I had painted all these pieces of paper back when I couldn’t find all the equipment for some dyeing that I wanted to do. So I changed to transfer (disperse dyes) painting instead. Here’s a few:

Painted paper

Painted paper

I used ordinary A4 paper that I had lying around. I tried a few things like the old butterfly splat (fold paper in half), wetting the paper with a spray bottle then applying paint, applying paint then spraying water and just painting it on with a paint brush.

After a few days I got back to it to try the ironing part as I got distracted bya few other activities in the mean time. First of all I had to get ut of “ironing” headspace as I put the iron on synthetic instead of linen!! Without a hot iron not much transferring takes place .

Transferred to fabric!

Transferred to fabric!

What a difference some of the colours were. The only thing I would say is beware the yellow – it transfers very brightly! I love the way browns come out blue or blacks come out green.

I had a piece of pale green sation from my friend Donna so gave that a bit of a makeover and ended up with a piece that looks very sea inspired.

Sea Foam

Sea Foam

 I love the way you can just keep on printing with the sheets to get lots of lovely overlays and playfulness in the patterning. Did a few papers with flicking paint onto the sheet and using a resist of thread and paper – very interesting space! Now I’m off to burn the edges of one of my pieces…have to make sure I have the bucket of water ready just in case!


2 Responses to “Transfer Painting”

  1. Donna Davis Says:

    Love the blog susan. what fun!! I’ll be back

  2. susaneta Says:

    Thanks Donna,
    I’m trying to be good and blog a little action each week! See what happens next with all of this.

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