Challenge Piece

I was given a champagne bottle wire closure along with the gold foil and set the challenge to do something with it so I can up with…

"Wines I have Known"

"Wines I have Known"

Its based on  whole drinking experience! The figures in the middle come from my favourite wine label. I stitched a couple in bold because at the start things are in sharp relief while later things become a bit more shaky as in the second of the two figures. Then things start to get a little off centre – hence the champagne items slightly off and then by the end of it all, we’re usually a bit ragged and burnt out around the edges…. and off course – out of focus!  The background was transfer printed so it was all a bit of fun!

A few weeks back I went to 2QAQ, a Queensland based art quilting group and we did a little live art project. We all brought black and white items and red hearts. Then each table of members were invited to come up and do a little creation in a bout 5 minutes.  Here is what my table did:

Black and White with a lot of heART

Black and White with a lot of heART

It was a great afternoon with much creative action!

And lastly the cute award goes to my friend Sue’s new dog Bailey…

Another new Textile Art Assistant...

Another new Textile Art Assistant...

Flat out after a hard day helping Sue with all her creative activity…and lots of digging large holes!!!


2 Responses to “Challenge Piece”

  1. Sue Duffy Says:

    Hiya Sus
    love your challenge piece, it’s great to get a second look at it. Hope you have recovered from your cold/flu of the other day…
    I have to say, Bailey does look specially cute! She isn’t always though… she has been busy today emptying her new heavy ceramic water bowl as fast as we can fill it…. it has a painted bone in the base, and she is trying to get the “toy” out!!! Once all the water is out, she scrabbles at it, to no avail!! and drags it across the cement… we hope she will figure it out soon! Meanwhile she tosses the other dish around the yard (stainless steel, non tipping bowl….) I think we just have to let her go thirsty for a while, maybe then she will work it out!! I wish I had photos….
    Her artistic contributions amount to shredding her rope toys… maybe if I wash it, I could incorporate the strands into an art quilt…


  2. susaneta Says:

    And you could call the quilt “Dog – Ended”!! Its good to move out of the comfort zone on things but I do draw the line at knitting up dog hair into cardigans!! hanks for the comment Sue.

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