Paperclay fun

Popped back to Adelaide on the weekend so I’m now chasing my tail to catch up with everything. Been playing with a bit of paperclay. I love this stuff – air dries and you can stitch through it. Here’s a small sample of some of the bling I’ve been creating…

Paperclay Bling

Paperclay Bling

It paints up really, is very light and easy to manage. Here’s a few of the unpainted shapes. I think I created about three dozen!!

Unpainted Bling

Unpainted Bling

Its all to go on a little piece I’m creating for ATASDA but I’m coming down to the wire on the dead line as I’ve only got till April 9 to get it in. The full piece is currently like this…

A little textile..

A little textile..

Its a work in progress which must progress a bit faster. I was checking out the placement of all the little pieces for this shot.  Also its handy having a copy of where everything is meant to go. OK, back to stitching. Have a great week everyone!


5 Responses to “Paperclay fun”

  1. Sue Duffy Says:

    Hi Susan
    that is looking great! love to see it finished so be sure to bring it along to our next meeting

  2. susaneta Says:

    Sorry Sue, its been posted to Sydney as it was due to be there on April 9. I have photos though. Been missing my Bailey updates – how’s she going? Molly was desexed Friday – bit sore the poor girl.

  3. Barbara Millward Says:

    Hey there Susan….love the idea of FRAGMENTS……you page looks really great……hey – we all have bits and pieces left over from other projects that we can’t bear to throw out!!!!!! Great idea to use them up!!!

  4. Maria Says:

    Hi Susan
    They look great. I’ve still got my sample pack you gave me before you left Adelaide! I’m waiting for some inspiration…currently sewing 2 Irish dancing costumes for my neice and her freind! Never attempted anything so eleborate before. Quite a challenge. Hopefully some new art will come soon.

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