From ugly to inchie

Given the challenge of transforming an ugly piece of fabric I did the usual gesso and paint number on it. I forgot to take a picture first but here is the painted version…

Painted Fabric

Painted Fabric

Then I remembered that I was going to give a demo of beaded button hole edging and whipped stitch edging so I needed something to edge. Also at this moment the memory of 2QAQ’s interest in inchies this month popped into my head. So I backed the fabric with felt to give it a bit more substance and chopped up some inchies from it to use for my demo…

Wholly Inchies

Wholly Inchies

And thus “Wholly Inchies” were born!

In the meantime I popped down to the Ipswich Art Gallery with my daughter as they have a children’s gallery as its school holidays here at the moment. We had a lot of fun making some wheeled objects from the collection of stuff on offer. I couldn’t resist picking up a few bits for myself so…

Where are we going? series!

Where are we going? series!

The “Where are we going?” series was born as I’m sure a few people will be saying that as they play with making inchies at the next 2QAQ meeting! The gold bead represent that golden nugget we’re always pursuing – be it success, fame, money, whatever.

In the meantime Barbara M has finished her first page in my swapbook. Here is her piece…

Barbara's page in my "Texture" book

Barbara's page in my "Texture" book

So I’m working away on my next page for my book. Going to add a little texture to my painted fabric and see what comes about!


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