Inchies Plus

Finally found the camera cable and so was able to extract the image of the inchies that I did at 2QAQ on last Saturday. These are inchie plus sizes i.e. 1 1/2 inches square. I’m going to make the middle one into a brooch I think.

A Rosy Inchie Plus Trio

A Rosy Inchie Plus Trio

The middle one has a mosaic tile on it – its red and sparkly so you can tile your whole bathroom in one inch red sparkly tiles!! Used the mesh grid its set on to attach to the hand dyes baby wipes behind which are backed by felt. Dyeing baby wipes you say? I use them to mop up after packing my dyes and so I end up with lovely colourful fabric to play with. The flowers are simply cheap foam shapes attached with a little bead.

I’ve just finished a paper casting tutorial over on my website Essential Textile Art so drop by if you’re interested in this great technique. It’s a good way to extend the use of that stamp or texture sheet collection.


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