Fishing for a bit of Lutradur

Wow – posting early this week. Must be a first for me! Here is the latest page from one of the little swapbooks that I’m doing. This book belonging to Judy is themed “water” so I had a play with a bit of fish leather and paint…

Dragon Waves

Dragon Waves

In the meantime I also had a play with some lutradur. I love the way it cuts so easily with the soldering iron and you can fuse various layers together. Here’s a postcard make for the Textile Art Festival coming up in 2 weeks.



Its made up of two pieces of lutradur painted different colours with some Angelina fused over and then mounted on painted paper. I cut holes into it BEFORE putting it on paper 🙂  (but I know you would have guessed that!!).

Only two weeks to go to the Textile Art Festival here in Brisbane, Australia. Trying to get everything packaged, labelled and in some kind of order. I’ll be at stand 46 so come and say hi on the weekend of May 29 – 31 if you’re in Brisbane and near the convention centre at Southbank.


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