Stitching in July

Fabric Jewellery 

The challenge this month from my Reddy Art Quilter friends was to use a skein of various threads to create something so I created a bit of fabric jewellery. The above is a bracelet while below is a matching brooch..


 Its been good to get back on the machine after a long break. I’m looking forward to wearing these to the next meeting. Otherwise I’ve been busy doing Art Dates around Brissie and meeting lots of new, wonderfully creative people.


4 Responses to “Stitching in July”

  1. Sue Duffy Says:

    they look wonderful Susan – can’t wait to see them “in the flesh” as it were… guess i will have to wait until August 😦

  2. Brenda W. Says:

    Very ingenious !

  3. Susan Says:

    Thanks Girls,
    I should have the brooch back on the brooch by next month.

  4. Jeannie Henry Says:

    Wow!…very inventive…such fabulous raw materials to work with!!!!!…look forward to seeing the “real” thing, love jeannieXXXX

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