Stitching in July Take 2

Been working away with the threads that Jeannie gave me on other projects and have finished a fabric postcard that has been lying around for ages.

Doodle Postcard

Doodle Postcard

I was doodling with some Inktense pencils on fabric and then embellished over with threads, charms and a bit of sequins. I’ve been in a finishing frame of late of late. Finally put about 3 hanging pockets on some small art quilts and have been working on my little UTEE sample…

A Splash of Gold

A Splash of Gold

A little UTEE drizzled onto painted Peltex (Ultra heavy lining). Then dropped some UTEE powder over and used the heat gun to melt. I’m up to the edges now – sheers which will be burnt back with a soldering iron and then this little number gets popped into my swapbox on textures. Was wondering what to do with the edges of this one as I’m so over satin stitch edging when I had a friend over who suggested the sheers. That’s wwhat I love about getting together with textile friends, we can all discuss, pick over and make suggestions on everyone’s work (who wants it!!) and come up with ideas that just don’t pop up otherwise.


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