August ARTion…

Marbeling, saltwork and some drizzel painting

Marbeling, saltwork and some drizzel painting

Been doing a bit of painting. The weather is beautiful here at present, cool in the evening and warm during the day. Just right for painting and dyeing. Its good to get a heap of backgrounds together then when I want to do something I have the raw materials to get straight into it.


2 Responses to “August ARTion…”

  1. Doreen Says:

    Wow, those came out beautiful. I have wanted to try marbling, but it sounds like you have to have a lot of supplies.

  2. susaneta Says:

    Hi Doreen,
    You don’t need a lot of supplies when you do it with shaving cream and Dye-Na-Flow paints. Pump out about a 1 inch thick bed of shaving cream, drizzle dye-na-flow paints over it. Use a skewer or comb to “marble” the paint. Then press fabric lightly ontop of shaving cream pile. Fabric (cotton) will suck up paint. Then place fabric to one side, use plastic ruler to scrape off cream. Let dry on plastic sheet. Iron to heat set, wash after to get rid of shaving cream smell! You can keep going with the cream to make lots of prints. Usually I find the second print onwards are the best.

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