August happenings…

This month’s Reddy Art Quilters challenge involved swapping a piece of fabric that you love with another member of the group. Only thing is that our tastes are widely different!! So what one loves, the other sometimes wonders about!  I recieved what looks like Christmas fabric – gold lines over that kind of emerald green. Eeek! What will I do?  And then I happen to turn it over…

August Challenge
August Challenge
And the back was really interesting! (Original fabirc to left, back is green fabric under blue sheet of paper). So I had a bit of a play with some colour diffusing paper and paint. The nature of the paper means that watercolour paint travels a long way in it and it has a very fabric like texture to it.  It is also very robust as I painted a few pieces and even when it was saturated with water it was still a very strong paper and acted like fabric.  Its also almost translucent like, with the paint going through to both sides opening up possibilities to do something more 3D with it.
I then used Transfer Artist paper to transfer a few words reflecting my play session. The paper will be fixed to the green fabric and then I think I’ll paint a few highlights and have a go doing a bit of stitching over it all. The advantage of using the TAP is now the paper is sealed with polymer and thus will be a bit more water resistant. NOT that I’m ever going to wash this piece!!
Just thought of something…is a quilt still a quilt if its framed? Or does that negate its quilty-ness? Just thought of doing a paper quilt but its fragility may mean framing would be the best thing.
Anyhoo – time to play!

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