My mother-in-law’s been cleaning out the closets and passed a few treasures on to me. Firstly we have a hankerchief from Eqypt, brought back from from World War 1 by her father.


Its on very fine silk and is a little worse for wear for the number of years old it is. Now I’m going to have to find out how to appropriately conserve this piece. Here’s a close up detail…


Next I was given a shawl from her mother’s trip to the UK by boat forty years ago. Its a very pretty number with lots of silver thread.


In better condition than the hankerchief but with a couple of small moth holes.  Here’s a detail…


And lastly a little treasure trove of Buttons! I love buttons they can add so much to a mixed media piece or ATC or be the artwork in an inchie. A few interesting antique ones in this lot.


In the meanwhile ‘ve mulling over a bit of autumn.My next swapbook page is about it so here’s what I’ve been thinking so far…


May end up stitching over it too. It needs a bit of a lift. Its designed to be 13.5 cm square to fit the little swap books we have. In the meantime I’ve been playing with a bit of Pearl Ex in its watercolour form to see what it can do. Results in the next blog.


2 Responses to “Treasures”

  1. Donna Says:

    Michael Marendy, the textile conservator for the museum uses acid free tissue paper….has to be acid free… Michelle at the redcliffe museum knows what it is and where to get it …… just wrap textiles in it and store….. i have some lace and a petticoat my grandmother made by hand as part of her glory box in 1899 I hav just stored tm in tissue paper in a tin trunk and they are still Ok

  2. Gafdafttrauct Says:

    Wow, I didn’t know about this topic up to the present. Thanks.

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