Geelong Fibre Forum 2009

Once again we all descended upon Geelong Grammar School in Victoria, Australia for a week long round of workshops, lectures, exhibitions and just plain textile fun.

Geelong's Corio Bay

Geelong's Corio Bay

I did disperse dyeing with Holly Brackman this year and had a great time painting paper and then transfering the painted designs onto synthetic fabric. never before have I been surrounded by so much polyester! The group of women in the workshop were fantastic and Holly was just lovely.

Disperse Dyeing Team

Disperse Dyeing Team

We were located in the technology building so didn’t have to fuss to much about our surroundings. You can see some painted paper on the table in front. Holly Brackman is the 2nd person from the left at the back while I’m the 3rd person in from the right.

The best treat came when I was asked to model a disperse dyed jacket from Japan that one of the traders had bought when she was over there.

The back of Jacket

The back of Jacket

The techniques involves purposely creasing the fabric to get the transfer to go on parts of the fabric but not all. Some of the group did the most amasing scarves using this technique. The big tip was to use water to dampen the polyester first and iron in the creases, then start printing the colour on it.

Front of Jacket

Front of Jacket

I completed a scraf and printed heaps of fabric. Having access to an ironing press was a big plus as ironing by hand is a real drag.  I liked the process so much I’ve invested in an ironing press off e-bay! Here’s a little of what I printed. My camera is out of batteries and I have to get charging them up again

Disperse (Transfer) prints

Disperse (Transfer) prints

I printed on Lutradur, polyester, poly-cotton, curtain sheers, sparkly polyester stuff… basically anything I could find. I didn’t do a print onto the acrylic felt but a few others did and basically confirmed that you do get a fuzzy print. Holly had printed onto micro fleece for one of her scarves and that was really nice

As usual I traded on the last two days. I had bought with me a heap of lutradur and the Pogaji class fell in love with it. Lisa Hollingsworth produced this magic box – so translucent in the sun, the picture doesn’t do justice.

Lisa's Box - feathers between Lutradur

Lisa's Box - feathers between Lutradur

She used the 30 gsm weight –  the lightweight lutradur which is perfect for translucent work. Thanks Lisa for letting me have the photo of this gorgeous little piece.

Lastly I’ll like to thank Janet De Boer of TAFTA and her team for putting on the Geelong Forum. I really hope Janet has a wonderful year off next year (just from Geelong, still doing Orange and all the other stuff she does). I know everyone will miss her outfits and magic presence next year

Goodbye Geelong for 2009!

Goodbye Geelong for 2009!


5 Responses to “Geelong Fibre Forum 2009”

  1. Yvonne Renfree Says:

    Hi Susan,

    Thank you for the photo’s. I didn’t get a close up look at the jacket so it was great to see it, and also all the class members. It was a great week wasn’t it.

    Congratulations on getting your newsletter on to the web so quickly. I was amazed to see it so soon after we came home from Geelong.


  2. Susan Says:

    Thanks for the comment Yvonne. The website appears a bit strange to me at present but maybe its just my machine!!

  3. Marea Says:

    Thanks for the photos as I had enrolled and had to pull out. Recognised a couple of girls from Jane’s class previously

  4. bubGeomedenup Says:

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  5. Susan Says:

    Hi there,
    I don’t understand what “forex” is sorry. If its foreign exchange – sorry don’t deal with that either. I use Paypal and that deals with it all.
    Cheers, Susan

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