Happy New Year!

How’s those resolutions going? Mine was  – no workshops! That’s right, no teaching workshops, no taking workshops. 12 days into the year I’m doing OK. We’ll see how long that one lasts as the temptation of a new technique or just a day playing can sometimes be too great.

Its January so its play time starting with this piece I put together from the scrap container on my sewing table.

"Unexpected Rhythm"

Paperclay, metal, fabric of all kinds (commercial, hand painted, lutradur) and paper. Its about A4ish in size and backed on peltex which is a fantastic firm surface to work on. Bit of fabric collage to help we get going again. I find its always hard restarting the creative engines from stone cold. And that’s how mine have ended up after doing very little the past couple of months. So no judgements, no fancy plans, I’m just getting on with the “doing” part. The advantage with using all the accumulated scraps is that I’m not going off and buying yet another lot of fabric to do stuff and I’m not that hung up about the end product. Its purely an “engine starter” piece!

What’s an engine starter piece? Its one where you only use the materials at hand, you don’t spend more then 1-2 minutes thining about where pieces will go and you get on and stitch it! Its no competition piece, no show and tell and if you really want it can go in the bin at the end. Its the process that the important part not the end product. Onto the next one… I think I’ll go warm colours.


2 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. JudyG Says:

    Well, it’s about time. A long time between blogs Susan! But I love your piece and have done something similar. Gets the creative juices flowing. Looking forward to seeing more of you work!!

  2. Susan Says:

    Hmm… Now Judy where’s your blog?!!! 🙂

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