Crows Nest, QLD visit

Postcard from Crows Nest by Gail Grunske

After 5 art dates in nine days it was great to finish up at Crows Nest with the group, Women on the Edge. If you are travelling in south-east Queensland then make sure you pop into Crows Nest and check out their Community Art and Crafts gallery on William Street, opposite the Village Square. Lots of textile goodies made by the talented bunch of people, including members of the Women on the Edge group. I snapped up a gorgeous bag by Diana Symes…

"Fortune Carrier" by Diana Symes

I love the colour and the detail. I don’t felt myself but have dabbled with felt making in the past so I can appreciate all the hard work that goes into making this kind of artwork. Here  is a detail of the fringe..

Detail of Fortune Carrier

I can also recommend visiting Highfields which is just down the road from Crows Nest and where I stayed for the weekend. There are lots of art and craft shops, including a sizable quilt shop and scrapbooking shop. Also plenty of coffee shops. What I liked about “The Village Green” is that it had heaps of space outside so junior and the other half could run around and generally be silly while I had a good look in all the shops. I can really recommend the resturant La Fresco as well – has signs out the front saying ribs, pasta and pizza. Staff were really friendly and there is a kids play area out the back which is just heaven sent when you have juniors in tow. Meal was really well priced as well.

Other highlights are the cuckoo clock place. Not just cuckoo clocks – christmas decorations, German linen, kids German costumes and the most amazing grandfather clocks in traditional and modern designs. BUT they also have teddy bears and no, we didn’t get out of the shop without a couple in tow. I now have a fairly largish one gracing my bedroom.

So what’s an Art Date you ask? Its when I take my shop on the road and visit groups in Brisbane, Queensland and surrounding areas. For more details check out my website Essential Textile Art.


One Response to “Crows Nest, QLD visit”

  1. JudyG Says:

    Wow, the bag is certainly wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

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