Magiclay Basics for Textile Art

Magiclay is great to use for a variety of modelling needs. It can also be stitched (by machine OR hand), painted, impressed with stamps to give texture…..the uses are endless. It air dries in 24 hours and is very lightweight. Attach to cardboard and stamp the surface for a textured journal cover or impress with texture sheets to create fossil fragments for textile art. Create brooches with paint and stitch… the list is goes on!  Here is the basics for creating some buttons.

Step 1 - knead Magiclay

Step 1 – place some waxed paper or other protection on the table. Knead out Magiclay to about 2-4mm thicknes using your hands.

Step 2: Roll to flatten Magiclay

Step 2: Using a piece of waxed paper or baking paper for protection, roll out Magiclay. Its very sticky when fresh so you may need to use a dusting of talcum powder to help reduce this.

Step 3: A layer of talcum powder

Step 3: a thin layer of talcum powder over the surface helps release the texture plates etc. Pearl Ex powder is a great alternative to colour as you go.

Step 4: Press the texture plate INTO the Magiclay

Step 4: take your favourite texture or rubbing plate and impress into the magiclay.

Step 5: cutting out shapes

 Step 5: cut out shapes with cookie cutters. These make great fancy buttons.

Step 6: Make holes

Step 6: Make holes in your buttons for the traditional look however you don’t need to make holes if you don’t want to. You can stitch through Magiclay with ordinary sewing needles. Now allow your pieces to dry for 24 hours.

Step 7: Paint!

Step 7: When Magiclay is throughly dry, paint the buttons with whatever paint you like.

To store the unused Magiclay, wrap in clingwrap and place in a ziplock bag. Make sure you wrap any unused Magiclay when you are not using it. The clay is air drying so we want to stop the air getting to it!

If you would like to purchase some to play with go to my website Essential Textile Art.


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