Kunin Felt Lace

Been playing with foils and kunin felt lately and had a bit of fun. This was the first piece I put together:

Kunin Lace Blue

I mounted it after stitcing onto a black painted canvas which has meade it easy to hang. I hung it where it gets lots of light so the foils sparkle. I enjoyed stitching this piece so much I had another go in a different colourway :

Kunin Lace Copper

In this one I stitched leaves into some of the sari ribbon pieces to reflect the feature scrap of ribbon that I had. The kunin felt is foiled, free machined and then cut with a soldering iron. The melting point of kunin felt is pretty low so you have to be careful when cutting out the felt. Kunin felt is made from recycled plastic bottles (PET ones) So most of the items in this artwork are from reclaimed or recycled materials.

Want to have a try at Kunin Lace? I’ve made up a kit with a 10 pack of kunin felt with sari ribbon, foils and WonderUnder with full instructions. Have a look at my website .


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