Discharge Dyeing

Been playing around having fun removing colour from fabric using plain old household bleach.

I use a refillable bleach pen that comes with a metal tip as this means I know it will be fresh and not dried out – plus I can keep re-using it. Put all the instructions together for this for my new Discharge Dyeing kit you can find on my website.

2 Responses to “Discharge Dyeing”

  1. Alison Says:

    Sounds exciting! Do you need to buy special bleach, or do you fill it with ordinary household bleach? Not sure what the major difference is between your two kits…. ie what you use the discharge paste for.

    • susaneta Says:

      Ordinary household bleach is just fine. Only watch the no name cheap brands – they can have less active agents in them so go for a trusted brand. Using the gel version too is fun – especially in the refillable pen.

      Discharge paste is another agent for removing colour. You paint it on the fabric, let it dry then iron it to get the reaction. As its a paste its easy to stamp or use with stencils, or even write with using the refillable pen. You don’t have to neutralise the paste as you do with straight bleach. Kit has more ideas too!

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