Shisha Glass and Inktense pencils

Playing with Inktense pencils is a lot of fun. For my latest article check out the feature in Embellish Magazine  (Vol 2, Issue 5 – current issue as of today). The article takes you through using a few different mediums with the Inktense pencils on fabric as well as how I created the flower above.

The most easy way to apply Shisha mirror to any fabric is by buttonholing over a cardboard ring and then appliqueing the ring over the mirror onto the fabric below. I have used this often to put glass onto a project. It is an authetic Indian technique as I got this idea from abook which showed 9 different ways to apply the mirrors. The other eight were all the contorted stitching over the mirror type approach which is what makes it so awkward to attach but no.9 was a gem of a technique!

Cardboard ring ready to buttonhole over!

You can buttonhole over anything really – curtain rings, metal washers etc. Then simply place you background fabric below, mirror on top and then covered ring over. Stitch down though the loops of the buttonhole stitch around the edge – very easy and saves the background fabric from being worked over. I begain using this technique when applying shisha to silk paper because it just wouldn’t take the usual stitched technique.


2 Responses to “Shisha Glass and Inktense pencils”

  1. naperie Says:

    I love inktense pencils.. so versatile. Your piece is gorgeous. ~Fiona

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