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Do it Yourself Bleach Pen

May 31, 2011

Check out the latest issue of Embellish magazine to see my new article on using a refillable bleach pen. The magazine you’re looking for at the newsagent is Embellish Issue 6. It was great fun playing with this and making lots of drawings. I turned to a refillable pen after the one we all get from the USA was dried out when I bought it. Also bleach has a USE BY DATE, that’s right – as it gets older it is not as effective. So having a pen you can refill whenever you want to do any discharge dyeing is very handy. I sell the pen at my shop if you would like to get one. I also stock kits with ideas for discharge dyeing.

Discharge dyeing involves removing the colour from cloth and the results can be quite surprising. A black cloth can discharge to red or orange (as in my image at the top) or another colour entirely. Discharging patterned cloth is also a lot of fun. Only thing is to remember to cover up and work in a well ventilated environment. I also recommend using Sodium Meta-bisulfite as the bleach stop instead of vinegar and that way you won’t get exposed to chlorine gas which is released if vinegar is used.

Embellish magazine also has a great range of other articles to have a read through. Have a look at their website for more details.