Filigree Fluid Fun

Stewart Gill Filigree Fluid

Been playing around with some Filigree Fluid and having a bit of fun. The thin nozzle makes it easy to create fine lines with this puff paste. Essentially its a puff paste, meaning that the filigree fluid puffs up when you apply heat from an embossing gun. The difference with this product is that you have a fine nozzle to apply delicate lines and the puffed results are really firm.

Filigree fluid applied to fabric

Apply the Filigree fluid to fabric and then sprinkle a little embossing powders like Opals on the wet fluid. I like using Opals embossing powders because they are flexible and thus are perfect for fabric.

Powder dusted onto fabric

Use an embossing heat gun to puff up the fluid.

Puffed Up Filigree Fluid

The result is a very firm set of delicate lines to decorate the fabric. By firm I mean not as rubbery as other puff pastes can be so the fabric is still flexible, the fluid is not going to snap off. You can add filigree fluid to any porous surface including paper.


 Team with Byzantia Paint to get great jewelled effects.


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