Recent Textile wanderings…

Been playing with a few different things of late. The image above is from a piece I made in Isobel Hall’s workshop a couple of months again -impasto gel through a stencil and then painted. I decided to embellish the flower centres with magenta beads to give the piece a bit of a lift. The gold is some encaustic wax. I finally found a use for the birch craft iron – it makes a great encaustic wax iron!

Also did a workshop with Sandra Meech, playing with making books for creating artistic inspiration. I’ve made a few now – they are my favourite holiday activity. Here’s a look inside some:

Now I just have to find the time to work into them! There are 1/2 A4 size cut horizontally. So really easy to do when travelling. I simply take a Koh-i-noor watercolour set, a selection of papers and brushes to spend some time paining up the papers in the colours of the area. Then using some linen thread do a simple binding and weave to connect all the separate signatures together.

Its still school holidays here in Queensland so entertaining a few young ones today. Have to check what all the noise is about!


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