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Evolon Soft Xperiments

September 1, 2011

Evolon soft is a spunbound product wih a wonderful stonewash finish. Lovely and soft, it has a great feel and drape. A fun way to embellish it is to use heat transfer. Simply get yourself a photocopy (must be a carbon print, can also be a laser print but doesn’t work with inkjet).

Evolon Soft with a B&W Photocopy

Place the photocopy face down onto the fabric and then use a hot dry iron to transfer the image. You will need to press firmly for 30 – 60 seconds to get the transfer to occur. Check your progress by carefully lifting one corner. The end result is a great image transfer to Evolon Soft:

Image transferred to Evolon Soft

You can then paint and embellish the fabric as you desire! You may wan to try foiling as well. As the surface of Evolon soft is very grippy you don’t need an adhesive. Simply place the foil coloured side up on the fabric and once agin use you hot, dry iron to apply the foil.

Foiling onto Evolon Soft

Its great to play with so have fun with this new material. I stock all the supples at my shop so if you’re looking for some check out Essential Textile Art .